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American Patriot Alliance: The Realities of the Islamic Threat…

American Patriot Alliance: The Realities of the Islamic Threat…

Since Muslims flew planes into the World Trade towers, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, there have been more than 17,500 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide, claiming the lives of more than 225,000 people. We ARE under attack in America…


Corrupt Judiciary Outed in Oklahoma

Corrupt Judiciary Outed in Oklahoma

This ruling by the 10th Circuit is disturbing to say the least. On one hand, they affirmed that the legislation discriminated against a “religion,” while completely ignoring a history of rulings that confirmed a separation of church and state in the courts. Apparently Muslims want it both ways. They want to be considered a “religion” (which they are NOT) when its convenient to them, but then NOT a religion (which is more accurate) when it serves a legal purpose.~ Robert Dean


Eric Holder, The ‘RACE CARD’ Hat-Trick’s not working…. RESIGN NOW!

"Holder Rebuled by the American Public for Treason"

Like LtCol. West, I too served in the military with MEN and WOMEN, not RACES. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder against “all enemies, foreign AND domestic,” and we have never forgotten that oath. Sadly, Holder, you have. But we will continue on that path by all legal means necessary to see that individuals such as yourself are held accountable for your illegal and treasonous actions committed by your department. ~ Robert Phillip Dean



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