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“Obama’s Green Agenda” is just a cog in the wheel of Agenda 21, and barely scratches the surface, and yet the full story is over 100 years old. Not calling it by name, equates to the Obama administration dismissing the word terror.

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United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 is NOT US policy, it is UN policy being implemented on US soil without consent of the governed, the citizens.  It has never been voted on by the people!  The alphabet agencies are pushing these rules and regulations WITHOUT authority!  It has culminated in our generation for defeat or victory, but it is targeted for defeat in many state houses across the nation.  It was targeted for full implementation by liberals in 2000, and it is 12 years behind schedule.  Presidents may have been targeted for knowledge of it, as they are on video and in personal journal speaking of it!  Warning Americans of diabolical plots plans against them, but without specification they constantly expressed concern for the freedoms of citizens in the USA and the world.  Kennedy, Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman all expressed grave concern over these plots.  We have all seen these videos, many thought they were speaking in general terms, but now knowing Agenda 21 is over 100 years old changes the meaning of these speeches.

Some people were assassinated for participation or died in groundwork activity or knowledge of it, after the fact such as Rick Riscorla and William Cooper who spent their last years warning the public.  It is hard for a media company to present facts when so many “citizens in the know”  exist prior to their own presentation of facts..without degrading to finger pointing of theory as conspiracy, not fact, but many a conspiracy are indeed fact… Few citizens seek such acknowledgement. they desire that people be informed!  Reagan said, “there is nothing you cannot accomplish, if you do not care who gets the credit”! That is what alternative media is all about, warning the public, correcting anchors of “big gov media”, and sticking to the principles of the founding fathers.  9/11 was the start of the use of death and intimidation of American citizens through radical Islam for the purpose of Global Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 has been publicly spoken of for more than 30 straight years.  and you, for what ever reason, still cannot say it’s brand name??

Openly, except for “big-gov-media” and “branded” media like FOX who deal with it only on a “sorta-kinda-basis” it is discussed daily on alternative media.  Big Gov-Media continues to act as if they do not understand the bizarre happenings and cover-up’s throughout the past decade, but they very well do understand it because the entire plan is a PUBLIC document, warts, poison barbs and all, for the whole world to see….yet so few still know 65 Million out of 310 Million in the USA.  However there are scores outside the USA in EVERY nation who have also studied and know the value-less nature of Agenda 21(the new UN site).  But getting even FOX to connect the dots of current events and that diabolical plan on a master scale is like getting the alphabet “big gov media” to STOP drinking the KOOL-AID!  The Kool-Aid is deadly!  They know it, but they are covertly fighting it or fighting for it, part of it or all of it. within and outside.  The time to be OVERT about Agenda 21 is NOW with the ending of this deadly game!  It also represents a time to present the alternative, a life solution , as a possible solution for a REAL future NAWAPA XXI.

I firmly believe that all humans are in a different state of awareness, and Agenda 21 is a mind sobering lesson of plans against rich and poor alike by certain elite.  To that I say, so what, we can get another elite with the stroke of a pen! That stroke of the pen is spins us out of debt and into a system of credit via Lincoln greenbacks, that restore us credit and sovereignty and cripples the global schemers..  It is all a matter of choosing life or choosing death.  However, it does not take long to get over the shock of Agenda 21′s depravity, and kick your own butt into gear and to be determined that your children not experience this low form of existence.  You are RESPONSIBLE to share this with EVERY family member, friend and neighbor!

Christopher Stevens and “Obama’s Green Agenda

What could these two seemingly different events or pieces of information have in common? Well that is a very long story that alternative media has addressed till their blue in the face, but will continue to address, with every breath they take, and successfully forced it into national attention only once when Glenn Beck addressed it openly when he was still at FOX during his last week there.

Agenda 21 is diabolical, as well as comprehensive and the webs look like a profound plot, because it is.  The person who really beat the KNOWLEDGE into awareness was Alex Jones, but there were many before him, that beat it into him.  Say what you will about Alex, he is on the right side.  I do not always agree with Alex or Glenn Beck, (both have gone toward newstainment) but I know their hearts are or were in the right place enough to warn the public.  Alex Jones originally stated out by bringing attention to the city of Austin trying to bully senior citizens out of their homes and wealth via fines for having grass to high…. his heart is in the right place.  He was able to quickly identify these dastardly plans and schemes because once you study the dark nature of Agenda 21, these “schemes and the schemers” stick out like a sore thumb.

Agenda 21 includes:

  1. Social Justice ( The affinity for Sharia Law is established whether you want to hear it or not).  Government based unions and Sharia is social justice.  It is not blind, and it is politically motivated discriminative justice.  Unions use Sharia tactics, to push their agenda. The very reason we saw government unions physically beating citizens for free speech expressed ideas, was to intimidate the citizen.
  2. Militarization of Police Forces. Inching closer daily it is difficult sometime to tell the difference between police and military in some venues.
  3. Politically Correct programmed education. (Touched on in Baiers’ report “Obama’s Green Agenda”. A system to sear the conscience and instill “guilt”, and equivocate all positions.  I’m OK, you’re OK, there is nothing wrong or right, just go with the flow. Read the script and play your part and all will be OK. (until you are told different)
  4. Sustainable development. Eco terrorism legalized. ( Eliminate the use of carbon based fuels for the “masses”)  The Eco-Nazis try to convinve the public that co2 is a toxin, but refuse to be the firs to ‘bag their own head or recognize photosynthesis. Sets up the use of green fuel that failed 1500 years ago.  Solar and wind offer some savings on an individual basis as a supplement,  but is not a comprehensive energy policy. The focus of Baier’s  report “Behind Obama’s Green Agenda”.  Sure does help to restrict travel when the price of fuel is sky-high, and the ‘story of stuff” will help you (guilt you) into understanding why you should not be driving that car or running your A/C, so here is allotment of compressed dung to burn…when your wind turbine freezes or your solar panel quits producing energy.
  5. Universal Healthcare Sure does make de-population simpler!  I am so sorry, “maybe you should  just take the pill for pain instead of having that surgery”. ~Barack Obama  Obamacare is Medicaid for the masses.  If you think hospital errors are bad now … give it some time under this legislation.
  6. Zoned Living (human free zones of greening the earth or “wilding”, city living only), and restricted travel.  Homeownership is not for most of you, after all this land is my land, this land is your land, from California to the new York Island, so don’t be putting up a fence or collecting any rainwater….we have drones and we are monitoring you.  America must fight this 2×4 goober logic all day and all night everyday of the week.  Home ownership is a path to all who desire to take it with all its responsibilities.  However, banks too have a great deal of responsibility as well.
  7. Regulation of communication, and restricting rights to assemble.  There are just some things you do not need to be speaking about or even searching on the internetJust because Hawaii handed out birth certificates to anyone who ask for them, be a good world citizen like Greta Van Susteren and keep your mind closed.  (she is a freaking fabulous debater and investigator and how she has not taken the time to spend a day with the Donald and Sheriff Joe is beyond me).  It allows her to like the nice stuff, be selective with the bad issues, and not touch the issues that would REALLY make a difference!
  8. World currency, and one center of law and order, via the United Nations. That is the plan.
  9. Disarming the American citizen and revocation of rights.  Fast and Furious anyone??? Yes already well established as an action to spark disarming citizensAmericans watched both the UK and Australia hand over their weapons under the guise of “love”. Now their political leaders do not even bother to listen to a word the average Aussie says, or United Kingdom citizen have to say and we grieve for themOne day they will most likely need arms in a hurry, about like 50,000 un-armed Mexican citizens did against the new political power of the drug lords united!  So sweet… to the criminal... but they only think they have gotten away with this garbage
  10. Food and nutrient regulation via Codex and FDA.  I am sorry, (smiling)you are not allowed to have those tomatoes in your flower bed, we will have to call in the food police, and put down that fresh milk.  (As the swat team arrives in full gear and loaded weapons)
  11. Depopulation “We can achieve better depopulation through healthcare and vaccines” ~ Bill Gates

The benchmark for unemployment first round is 20%, like Greece, Spain!

The chart on this Agenda 21,  is “Frankenstein insane”, if you have seen the chart of Obama-care chain of command then imagine this one.  What is the fastest way to achieve it??  Devalue the currency, drive down business, drive up unemployment so fewer can afford a home, or food, or rent, buy a car afford the insurance or afford the gas..or their own healthcare plan (in Canada you cannot BUY healthcare) bring out the bulldozers… see Detroit!  It is a plan of nothing more than forced restriction upon most citizens and the exception of freedom for a precious few.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are American citizens who have completely shamed their entire lives work by taking part in pushing this dark and diabolical plan.

I suspect Christopher Stevens and company had plenty of time for research between his arrival and the attacks he suffered.  Travel and citizen gatherings of a social scale were done but were few between.  Most of his days were surely at and within the embassy reaching out from there! Denial that Al Qaeda is a problem allows it to GROW, for the purposes of the “civilian military” for purposes of “social justice”, thus the reason we have judges who uphold Sharia.  The minute a judge upholds Sharia is America, you know EXACTLY why they did so!  No longer are there questions about why for most Americans.  Did he know that?  Probably not,  due to “be positive”, “live strong”, “trust democracy” indoctrination of his education and Obama admin and having the “Muslim Brotherhood is good” pushed upon him before going.  “Al Qaeda is no longer a threat”.  Propaganda he was sold.  Propaganda he shared.  Until one day he saw the TRUTH, and KNEW what was coming.  He suddenly figured out one day what was coming and knew he was not getting out alive nor was the administration going to give them security or get them out…. but he managed to get at least some clear words of warnings out, asking for security not only to remain but to be beefed up, but was denied time and time again all the way to his death.  So that all would know all was not well in Propaganda-ville, he and CIA operatives well documented the spiralling downward movement of “wolf-pack” behavior around him.  Two navy seals were on hand and died to get the others out, or we would have had over 30 people killed there.  Obama and Clinton will sympathize with Islam at EVERY turn for the sake of the social justice of Sharia Law, because they want it here as mainstream as the middle east.  Sharia Law will assist the ushering in of Agenda 21.

States such as Alabama have BANNED U.N. Agenda 21 activity in their state.  New Hampshire is working toward that end.  It became a central issue in the Florida senate race between late entry candidate Dave Weldon, and was a factor in his gaining much ground,  late in the game,  because he openly stood against Agenda 21.  However it was not in time to defeat Connie Mack who has not made a public stance on the agenda, but he already had huge republican backing and Romney financial support! I bet yes .. but will these men stand openly against it… well we need to be finding out, lickety split…. because time is running out.

Very few politicians have made open stances on the comprehensive GLOBAL death-pac.  If it were not documented, it would sound fictional.  Hoover knew about it, and stated it was so diabolical, no one would believe it.  Well he was right.  It is documented in pure sunlight, and people cannot decipher what they read, because it is cloaked in “social” words that are nice to the ear.  I am hopeful there are more who are ready to fight rather that switch because there is nothing American about Agenda 21.  But there is a strong lure of power… but remember lure is all there will ever be.  Not even Hillary or Obama understand that.

However many a bright and seemingly intelligent American corporate leaders have bought into the idea, promoting the “green agenda” as hip and cool.  There is nothing inherently wrong with “going green” if it is to supplement your personal savings by your >>own choice<<.  I think there are many people who will take advantage of electric cars eventually to simply run errands around town, as a secondary vehicle, but not a primary mode of transportation.  Additionally they will have to be able to afford one as well…. and in this economy the second or third car for local errands is just out of the question for most Americans.

However Agenda 21 is not about choice, it is about force.  They want that electric car to be your only car.  There is hardly a corporate site that you can go o in the USA that does not have some “look at our green energy effort” page attached.  Others corporate leaders have hit the speaking circuit singing its praises on other “specific” issues within, such as Bill Gates who traveled the country through the TED speech promoting DEPOPULATION.   He desire the CO2 levels to zero which is IMPOSSIBLE, because you EXHALE!

Gold, silver and platinum and even uranium are already “global currencies” thus the reason to devalue national currencies and drive up precious metals.     But a global fiat currency has not made it,  yet..but it is not because they are not trying. Hillary Clinton has been brazen about disarming the American citizen, and if allowed in the USA, then Agenda 21 will succeed. period.  She also tried her best to pass Hillary care, because the Clinton name is firmly in the power circle of Agenda 21, so is Obama and Michelle at least temporarily anyway.

Obama and Michelle are also there to BREAK down the bonds of nationalism, and national identity, to promote the world citizen.  If Greg Gutfield, and Andy Levy would take the time to really study the issues of Vatells Law, then they would understand, the only thing standing between the USA becoming Europe is a natural-born citizen who understands the importance of the nation not “going along” with group think.  If we become Europe, by Obama winning the next election, Agenda 21 will win.

Bret Baier, we as a nation cannot have dialog on these issues, nor can we talk these people off the edge of the cliff until we call it by name,  Agenda 21.  Much like TERRORISM, Muslim Brotherhood, Islam and Sharia, you must call it by name to defeat it!  You have discussed one and a small sliver of two other issues within the “Obama’s Green Agenda”, and really came so close to the full description of this anti-human measure, but FAILED to call it by name.  WHY?? Since many already know about it and see you and FOX as holding back, ‘afraid to speak’… or in on it. Support to a degree… I know you do not personally support Agenda 21.  If Romney wins or Obama wins we still must educate the public on how these individual programs of devastation fit into the wheel of destruction.

In the program you stated it may be “shocking to find out what that green agenda entailed”, but when you got there you watered down the language that expressed the real threat out, by not stating it in plain English the true level of restricting of energy they really plan on.  California citizens know… Sheriffs had to actually start taking matters into their own hands to keep roads open to the public.  City, county and other planning committees were already pushing forward the “off limit zones” trying to close roads to human travel.  There is not a human alive that does not agree we need green spaces … but a park is not what these folks have in mind!  They are looking to close entire zones of land to any human activity.

I maintain that until politicians state their stance on Agenda 21, there will be no real trust for any of them.

Many of them sound pro-American or “presidential” but never get to the meat of the matter… and just serve the potatoes and the desert.  After-all… the nobel peace prize, lowercase for a reason, was given to Al Gore for spouting “global warming” nonsense, global cooling nonsense, and CO2 is a poison,  to push forward the agenda through his film.  Obama, chief of chaos, was given the prize for his ‘peace work’.  Now, the media claims confusion, and befuddlement over the Obama administration trying to down play Al Qaeda and government union thugs.  It fits with the agenda!  Denial that Al Qaeda or government unions are a problem allows it to GROW for the purposes of the “civilian military” for purposes of “social justice”.  Your government is god, it will decide who lives and dies, and where they will live , and what they can achieve.  There is a lure for some to fantasize this power trip and they know absolutely no shame!  They have lost direction of internal conscience.  The loss of conscience is exactly what it takes to be involved in promoting Agenda 21.

It is insulting to anyone, everyone who has even spent 10 minutes reading the very publicly displayed agenda, that it is still not being called by name even though the alphabet agencies ARE legislating it >>without congressional consent<<  via “rules and regulations”.  Agencies like the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, and pushed by the Department of Education from kindergarten through doctorate levels, thus the reason so much power is given to these agencies and departments.  They have not stopped nor slowed down.  The push to hold on to this goal will be immense and MUST be fought with EDUCATION as well.

177,000,000 other results come through Google on this topic… Democrats against Agenda 21, Republicans Against Agenda 21, Human Beings Against Agenda 21…do you wonder why the United Nations would like to disarm Americans and regulate communication via the internet and limit the right to assembly?? We just can’t figure it out!… Why would Obama send money to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why did they disarm Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata… and give them bean bag weapons??  Why are they still telling border agents to just “turn and run”…. because the Drug Lord Mafia has now been elected to power in Mexico… Hillary, Obama and Eric Holder achieved their goals in Mexico.… how much more success will you allow them??  See more here.

Speak for yourself, because many of us have read the outcome and studied the plan and have seen the movie and … better to fight on our feet, with word and deed, or more protective measures if necessary, than to die on our knees.  It is not necessary to die at all, because all it takes is exposure and disclosure, and to stop acting like you do not understand what is happening when it happens!  Embarrass these people on a national scale!  Do it quickly….

There are some people, some in Hollywood, and politicians who support Agenda 21 are doing so to vie for a power position, they think, for themselves or their family, as a matter of survival.  Most have no clue the same measures will be used on them as well after they are successful at using them against a significant number of others.  Labeling them as monsters will be a daily event on the news in the not -so-distant future.  Breaking up the family unit is easy now because neighbors do not even know each other well.  This way people are intimidated to tell others of the intimidation they have experienced, even family, for fear of being ostracized.  1984 to Atlas Shrugged were written by people who EXPERIENCED IT ONCE ALREADY AND SAW THE SAME SIGNS MOVING IN THAT DIRECTION HERE!

The Federal Reserve, LIBOR and the IMF (social security, spread the wealth, inflation) were the finance engines.  The War on Drugs furthered its financial capabilities.  The Clinton’s, Part of the Bush family, and clearly the enigma and past-less, NATION-LESS, Barack Obama have been involved open-eyed or not (The Clinton’s are open willing participants, as is Obama, George Sr.). Dumping any nationalism ALSO promotes politically correct language, right Hillary? Hillary condemned the anti-Muslim video… as the CAUSE of Benghazi, right along with Obama, out of the other side of their mouths…terror, one day the video, the next day, back to terror again.  Why, they are speaking to two different audiences.  It is terror the US citizen.  it is that awful mean video to the social justice crowd.  However Hillary knows damn well that Americans do not hate Muslims…. American’s hate Sharia Law… and will not tolerate a duality of law, nor will we accept Sharia singularly!  Many Muslims have come here to escape that crap.  Many Russians came here to escape Marxism.  Many Germans came here to escape Nationalized Socialism.

They would love to “ensure” you will “change your traditions” and your “ways”, “We are not just a Christian nation”~ Obama,  “We must change our ways and traditions and even the way we speak” ~ Michelle Obama.  Nationalism? Natural born, what?  (don’t even speak of it).  Sharia as law enforcement, and Military as guards of the “universe” will help you understand.  Those who oppose the ‘big picture plan” are labeled as idiots, not knowledgeable in foreign policy, poor communicators, bad actors, low performance workers, loaner, mis-fits to society, the “average folks” as … These goober 2×4 folks are working very hard to implement Agenda 21.

It would make Hogan’s Hero’s look terrifyingly funny now… because the Holocaust was just a practice run! Searing the conscience is the whole trick to the matter.  If they can get you to condemn another without conscience, you are a player.  If they can get you intimidated so that you do not speak of these things and deny speaking of them with anyone who tries, and absolutely not call it by name… well there is a word for that… your conversation comes in a manilla envelope … it is the reason I refuse to work with any company who hands me a script! (unless it is a play or advert I approve of)  If you do not need me to “think”… then you do not need me.  Healthcare centers dealing in emergent situations actually tried with some success to get people to use scripts…for everything… they do.

Plenty are coming out of universities all across America, and are perfectly groomed to “read your script”.  Citizens who do not even know they support these measures are played off against their neighbor to involve them in law suits or worse.  75% of the democrat party almost need de-programming measures, de-briefing in order to recognize they have been suckered into the “lead party role” for Global green Jihad, not for Islam but for U.N. Agenda 21 and for the global elite.

No, no, no not all democrats are into pushing Agenda 21, many are awake in EVERY party, many are asleep.  There exist awake, asleep and apathetic in every town, city, region, state, nation, media outlet force, political party or faction.  Some promoting it like the popularity of it, not knowing the “big picture” because they are merely issue focused.  One in particular, Juan Williams... he acts intelligent, he speaks on issues, but never on a “big picture” he was in the lion’s den of NPR, gets fired by them for ‘conservative positions’ and yet still carries their water without conscious, conscience QUESTIONING!  Personally I think it was planned that way.   A drone to peat and re-peat the party line, like Bob Beckel promised a cookie when they behave the Agenda 21 way!  LOL… Bob tells O’Reilly “if republicans were controlling the media I would be screaming about it all the time”, but then turned in almost the same breath and  told Bill, “the liberal left control it, so what, you keep going on about it…and Benghazi was not a big …. [cough],  I mean,  well people were killed but, but….”  he could not even hear himself… sad!  It is very, very sad.  It is cool to support the Agenda 21 death pac!  They have never read or studied it once!

These men would not be involved in the circles they are in if they had a conscience, or were exercising and using it!  Yet, mums still the word for the television about Agenda 21.  Do you need approval for that Bret?? Do you have any autonomy, Bret?

Read your script??? or Get Real!  Those are the only two choices left!

We pride ourselves on free speech and by gosh it is all out there.  But don’t talk about it! Many wonderful people are fighting these issues directly on an issue by issue basis…and brand name basis, such as Alabama and new Hampshire, but good grief after 100 years of planning and implementation, and planning and implementation, and planning and implementation …then going PUBLIC from the U.N website, you would think a true news anchor could SAY IT”S NAME!  The New world order, the New economy, good world citizen, the “big picture” are all code words for Agenda 21.

I am sick and tired of playing games and worse I am sick and tired of watching them being played, night after night….Bret, TELL AMERICA the REST of the STORY.  You are quite capable of going the rest of the way…get it all out!  Put it on the table!  In fact everyone should do it, Agenda 21 awareness for October 29-Nov 6th should be the banner… get Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly(he is into junk green science so doubtful) Savage, Ingraham, Coulter, or ANY who has a radio show or blog …. SAY IT”S NAME: Agenda 21… The United Nations is united to clear planet earth (with the exception of a few) of human beings.

Their plans have been severely damaged by person to person education, but MEDIA not speaking of it by its properly branded name is CRIMINAL on its face, and still allows room for so many to still be corrupted by the lure of some promised future power.  And we wonder why EUROPE received the nobel peace prize (lower case on purpose). Honestly… LOL I have to laugh because it is just too insane!  The United Nations is the number one terrorist organization! They must be dealt with and the UN disbanded for depraved collusion!  In fact almost EVERY office and position in the US government need to be re-evaluated!  I would let them all go .. and then re-hire!  Who care about suits … deal with them by file 13!

You can study the Holocaust and read Agenda 21, and to not speak out, is against LIFE itself.  The plan its self is blasphemy, but it is far more popular and politically correct to cull the mind and intimidate and make the insults against those who speak insults against Sharia and radical Islam, blasphemy …A citizen army?… with a political agenda used to point a finger, throw a stone and behead an infidel and intimidate the rest, unionized in style.  having the appearance of fairness … but not fair.  Having the appearance of justice… but only for a select few.  Having the appearance of freedom, but promotes the freedom dog-pac group think brutality.

If you cannot connect the dots or won’t, if you cannot speak its name or won’t, then defeating Barack Obama will merely be a bump in the road to Agenda 21, and back to planning and re-implementation we go.  EVERY media person should address it in some way during their program for a solid 7 days, and as often as possible there after… getting the stance of all those running for office on the record in their area, just let them speak…After all every incident that has happened under Obama  administration, was to further this agenda, and the lives lost were expendable to that end, and the same goes for Hillary and Bill Clinton!  However when push back occurred on Bill Clinton, he acted as if he were in favor of laying the agenda down…. only to know he would revive it another day.

Some are eager to make their stance known to the WORLD… I will go first….  I stand against EVERYTHING U.N. Agenda 21 is or will ever be based on the PUBLICATION put out by the UN and the corresponding regulations via the alphabet agencies and US departments cooperating (and they all are).  I stand with the founding fathers!  All citizens have the same power…. you have the power of presidents and media anchors yourself… you just need to exercise it and empower yourself.

Allen West, what is your stance on Agenda 21??

Karen Harrington, what is your stance on Agenda 21??

Connie Mack what is your stance on Agenda 21??

Marco Rubio, what say you??? Speak your thoughts on Agenda 21, today!

LOL…. Ah….. Bill Nelson, what is your stance on Agenda 21??

OK … good grief…. Debbie Wasserman Schultz we know your stance on Agenda 21, but humor us and tell us anyway!  What is your stance on Agenda 21?? <@!@, rolls eyes>

Governor Mitt Romney, what is your stance on Agenda 21?

Ladies and gentleman, you were elected to serve the citizens of the United States of America, WHY is Agenda 21 not on your list for defeat in 2013??

It is just not that hard to shine some disinfecting sun light on Agenda 21.

You cannot continue to talk about the issues as if they are stand alone issues… they are always a cog in the wheel, but what wheel?  The wheel that furthers individual responsibility and freedom or the United Nations Agenda 21 wheel?  The media are not protecting the president for nothing…. it is not because they “just like him”… They think, and truly believe there is something in it for them or their family, temporary though it may be!  America had a mandate from the founding of this country, and that was to protect freedom and liberty….

Let’s get on with it!  Countless civilizations have been done in at their own hand… are we to be merely one more??  I say NO!  I say no to Agenda 21, NO way, NO how!  I will oppose the United Nations at every turn to interfere with US law and order.  The U.N. has been fully corrupted because it was designed to be the central world power to implement and enforce Agenda 21 for the 1984, and the dystopia demonstrated in  Atlas Shrugged.   We have 10 days to make a difference in this election…. but make no mistake fighting Agenda 21 is a lifelong commitment!

So allow me to be perfectly clear, even if Mitt Romney turns out to be nothing more that a placeholder for the Republic of the USA, I will be on record as having voted for that, because at the very least it will give patriots time to strengthen and re-organize to stop this dark insidious plan.  However, I am picking up signs and signals that Romney really does intend to LISTEN to the American people and make greater moves in restoring our Constitutional preserved law and order.

  • He finally signed a pledge to fully repeal Obama-care to independents who oppose it and WILL hold him accountable!
  • He went on offense, albeit in a surgical sort of way, he effectively showed Obama’s failed ideology through the debates on economics, Obama’s apology tour, and the kissing up to Russia and appeasement of bowing to Kings and Queens.  ( For me, there is no need for a baseball bat or violence to deliver justice, simply call for his removal and a charge of TREASON to be pressed for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Fort Hood and our Navy Seals
  • He has ignited the FREE enterprise sector which comprises 70% of all Americans via Rasmussen Reports.
  • He has vowed to reform and flatten taxes, removing the loophole deductions so destructive for use as a tool in class warfare.  Broaden the base of wealth through policies friendly to small business.
  • He has vowed to cut debt and balance the budget!
  • he has promised to turn the private sector loose to create 12 Million jobs!

I can go for that, but he better focus on stopping Agenda 21 via any agency in the US government.  He should carefully watch remember the defeat that Obama is facing today, if he fails to address and rid the US government of United Nations Agenda 21.

My God bless the citizens of the USA who lead the way for responsiblity in freedom and liberty.


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