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The “Crown” hit the ground!

Conservatives, myself included, have completely pulled up the welcome matt for the “ABO” Mitt Romney crowning ceremony run by the RNC and many at FOX News including Bill O’Reilly and other anchors as demonstrated below.  It is coming undone and is backfiring.  Conservatives do believe in metal sharpening metal.  Progressives like Romney believe in forcing delegates and voters to sign loyalty to the King statements.  Romney is showing that he is second string material as he has been all along.  The first choice should always be excellence, not someone who has participated in the same legislative mandates as the goober we are trying to rid our selves of.

LTC. Colonel Allen West aptly pointed out that the progressive congressional congress has aligned with the Communist Party USA and that some 70-85 members are card-carrying CPUSA members.  This opened the wound that was festering in the hearts of voters as they have not been pleased with Romney’s progressive actions in Massachusets as governor.

It was not planned but it also coincided with the Constitution lesson from Hillsdale College:  The Constitution 101, when in week number 9 they released “The Founders Rejection of Progressivism”

“The Progressive Rejection of the Founding”


Progressivism is the belief that America needs to move or “progress” beyond the principles of the American Founding. Organized politically more than a hundred years ago, Progressivism insists upon flexibility in political forms unbound by fixed and universal principles. Progressives hold that human nature is malleable and that society is perfectible. Affirming the inexorable, positive march of history, Progressives see the need for unelected experts who would supervise a vast administration of government.

Progressivism is rooted in the philosophy of European thinkers, most notably the German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel. Progressivism takes its name from a faith in “historical progress.” According to the leading lights of Progressivism, including Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Dewey, human nature has evolved beyond the limitations that the Founders identified. Far from fearing man’s capacity for evil, Progressives held that properly enlightened human beings could be entrusted with power and not abuse it.

The Progressive idea of historical progress is tied to the idea of historical contingency, which means that each period of history is guided by different and unique values that change over time. The “self-evident truths” that the Founders upheld in the Declaration of Independence, including natural rights, are no longer applicable. Circumstances, not eternal principles, ultimately dictate justice.

If human nature is improving, and fixed principles do not exist, government must be updated according to the new reality. The Constitution’s arrangement of government, based upon the separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism, only impeded effective government, according to Progressives. The limited government of the Founding is rejected in favor of a “living Constitution.”

Many took the course this week and were rejuvenated in their mission to push these progressives OUT of the republican party and it hit a nerve with Glenn Beck, who acts as if he “hates” Newt.

OOPS, We Hit a Nerve with Glenn Beck

I worked as a Respiratory Therapist for some 30 years along, with my other jobs of gaining business experience in sales, business development and public relations and promotions, but back to healthcare.  Sometimes when people drew blood, especially arterial blood, there was a chance of hitting a nerve if your were not spot on.  Training many students, somewhere in their frist 3 times of actually drawing blood gasses they would inevitably hit a nerve on the patient.  A howling sound of epic proportions is what you would hear from the other end of the hallway.  This week Glenn Beck made that howling noise … because TRUTH hit a nerve, and now after the pain wore off of TRUTH cutting like a knife … he is playing the religion card the way the left plays the race card, …as if Romney’s progressivism has ANYTHING to do with religion.  Many a self-professed Christian joined in on the Nazi games, communist games, the Argentinian games …. and still they were all WRONG!

Glenn has led his big anti media and anti progressive rally’s only to turn and use the same stuff against conservative voters as he supports progressive Romney.  He mixes constitutional messages in with a support for progressive action when it is clear it is failing!  However to play the religion card instead of addressing Romney’s progressivism turned off thousands of listeners!

Glenn stated there was no way that Mitt was a communist because he was a Mormon!  Really??  Now who needs to study??  Progressivism is the softer communism.  We detailed this with the week 9 lesson in Constitution 101 presented by Hillsdale College.

Right! On Weekly

Your RIGHTS come from SOCIETY, not from GOD! ~ Progressive Principle

With Mit Romney on the Campaign trail espousing, POUNDING, repetitively,  the fact that he s a progressive in 2008, and today turning to say he is a strict conservative, we decided to bring you the differences of beliefs on Progressivism and Constitutional conservative understanding.  In the day of the founding, our fathers were seen as “liberals” !  They desired and pushed for maximum individual liberty, as they saw clearly their rights came from God, not via social justice or society.  We are called “conservative” today because, we, as conservatives are pushing to preserve the truth, that our rights come from GOD, not society, and that they are inalienable!  They cannot be dismissed, or taken away for ANY reason.  Those who would propose such measures are rebels to society.  However , we have allowed progressives to label the believers of “Natural Law” as the rebel.  Progressives completely turned the word liberal to mean “liberal government rule by society”.  As you will see in this lecture on fundamental beliefs, Progressivism does not believe you have a right to “private property”, let alone any rights coming from God, and believe society as it evolves will dictate your rights at any given time, without LIMIT!

Unfortunately, that will not stop Glenn Beck from acting EXACTLY like the DeMAOcRats, of whose actions he says he despises only to do as they do!  Shameful, Glenn Beck!   However worse is that he somehow gets FOX to follow his lead.  In the 6pm FOX: Special Report the discussion panel sat and spoke of Americans being against Romney’s Mormonism due to polygamy.  That is absurd, since EVERY religion practiced polygamy at one point!  The PROBLEM they are terrified to address and will NEVER mention is his PROGRESSIVISM!  Progressivism is the opposite of Constitutionalism!  Plain and simple!  FOX will go to great lenghts to hid this aspect from their viewers.

Seems the media are starting to look panicked!  They are in a state of utter dismay as to why we will not accept the newly crowned King!  We have yelled NAY, take him back, FREEDOM!  The court jester spoke and said “Why wont you support Romney”  What will it take … So,  sweet Martha McCallum played court jester this week and tried to PUSH, and SHOVE Michelle Bachmann into saying she would endorse Romney!

Here is the >>correct TITLE Martha<<, by all means let ame assist you!

Martha McCallum Tries to PUSH Bachmann to Endorse Romney 

FOX News:

It is not just his words, his RECORD of ACTIONS have confirmed his PROGRESSIVSM and you will not win without conservatives!  So How do I know Martha was pushing  and a shoving , the decibel level and pitch of Martha’s voice increases about three times to a level of panic. She lists a litany of reason for Michelle to do so here and now.

Fox is directly memicing NBC News, and clearly are playing off each other in the biting of the heels of Americans to come in to the fold of progressivism.  So here is what I am telling the RNC, you better stop the lying , FOX better stop the crowning ceremony, and do this RIGHT or people or the GOP will fail again.  Pro-Am with integrity or ZIP, nada, nothing!

Voters and Delegates say NOT Romney

This entire not Romney force is building to BUST like a water balloon in the face of Romney, his minions and the RNC on the Greta Poll this week on Greta Wire and pounded it within minutes! People are ANGRY.  They are angry at our cowardly media because they cannot address the current King, and you want to force feed another via crowning Romney, and have pushed turnout  to record LOWS far below what is was with Stinky McCain in 2008.

















Do you understand ?? We The People will DECIDE this ELECTION and you will report on it not the other way around!

Greta seems to be the only FOX show to understand this concept.  Even Hannity does not quite get it!  Sean has proposed Marco Rubio who is not eligible to serve as vice president or president as it is clearly recorded in the Archives that Marco was 4 years old when his parents were naturalized which means it will be Rubio’s children who will be eligible to serve as president.  Marco knows this already and is making it clear he will not seek the office of VP.  However that will not stop DeMAOcRats rom pushing progressives in the republican party to “do exactly what they did” in order to meld bot democrats and republicans into one party.  Sean is falling for this sadly.  I have faith he can figure it out before it is too late.

It is the progressive wing who have stifiled discussion on Obama’s elegibility that has gone world wide especially since law enforcement in Maracopa county found all of Obamas documents to be fruadlent and are seeking legislative action.  However the response from rogressives is to do what democrats have done.  This will completely stop any enforcement of immigration in this country and set up an complete stampede of voter fraud!  This is the very reason Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, JC Watts, Allen West, Herman Cain, Michael Reagan, and a never ending list of Conservative Americans have aligned with Newt, who assert that it shuld not take money to win an election.  The currency should be intelligent ideas and the the nation should trust the intelligence of the voter, not the wallet of the candidate.  That is exactly what is happening.

It is becoming more and more evident the NOT Romney chorus is getting so loud that FOX will not be able to drown out the descent to their crowning him KING!  Romney and McCain tried to FORCE delegates at multiple states to sign a “Loyalty to the King” statement in order to get a picture with him!  In Colorado it backfired so badly it was an embarrassment to Romney as 23 Delegates REFUSED and only 13 bowed to King Romney!  In an article that sounds like it was written by Frank Luntz to down play the ruckus CNN put it this way…


Romney asks GOP delegates to sign pledge, but some refuse

Posted by

Scottsdale, Arizona (CNN) – Members of the Republican National Committee gathering in Arizona were invited to meet with Mitt Romney in private Friday and have their pictures taken with the presumptive GOP nominee, but there was a price of admission: loyalty.

RNC members and state GOP chairmen were welcomed into the private reception only after signing a form pledging to support Romney as a delegate to the national convention in Tampa.

– Follow the Ticker on Twitter: @PoliticalTicker

All 168 members of the committee have a vote at the convention as “superdelegates” – and one of Romney’s supporters on the RNC estimated that over 100 members signed the form.

The Romney “delegate pledge form” asked members to sign their name and “pledge to vote for Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention on all ballots until Mitt Romney has been nominated.”

Signers were given the option of declaring their support publicly or privately by checking one of two boxes.  Read more here:

Some ??  The truth is far worse for Romney than CNN or the Romney team on FOX news will report.  Vince Haley with Newt’s Campaign is gearing up for the BROKERED CONVENTION and the forcing of Romney continues to backfire.  He stated this:

– Despite much pressure from Romney forces, Colorado Republicans last weekend at their Denver convention surprised political observers by electing – and by a large margin — more uncommitted than committed delegates. >>>(The hard count was 23 uncommitted to only 13 for Romney.)<<<   This was widely interpreted to mean that rank and file Republicans are still very wary of Governor Romney’s candidacy.

– The other news is from Washington where the news media is all abuzz about a recent Washington Post/ABC poll. Here’s the transcript from a recent Meet the Press.

MEET THE PRESS HOST — …. I want to show you what I think is the most telling number of the week that’s come out in polls and it was from The Washington Post/ABC poll that talked about his favorability ratings. Right now Mitt Romney’s favorable ratings, 34 percent; unfavorable, 50 percent that isunheard of for a leading contender at this stage of the process.

Look back historically at what Republicans have enjoyed and if you look at the approval ratings that John McCain had at this point in the campaign, 53 percent; George W. Bush and Bob Dole, 49 percent. Again, Mitt Romney down at 34 percent.

ABO (the doorknob theory has failed)  is wearing off of true republicans and a battle is underway to OUST progressives from the party entirely by TEA Party activists!  There is no doubt that this will go all the way to Tampa. There are still 17 states to go in the PRIMARY and citizens have caught on quickly and are pouncing and aligning to push back on progressivism spoiling the republican party forever!  It is so serious votes are staying home in primaries signaling to the RNC that if they continue to try to crown Romney then the RNC will LOSE!  In fact a twitter war has ensued by Newt’s 1.5 million followers who are pounding FOX with push back telling them to cut it out!  They will continue to play this game, but conservatives are the majority and Romney nor the RNC can count on a win without conservative voters.

Voters want a winning experience and Romney does not beat Newt in this category, and conservative voters who have had $6 Trillion dollars added to their debt feel they have nothing to lose by forcing media to bow to the people, not the other way around!  Much of this started when the RNC broke their own rules in the Florida primary to favor Romney. Many believe in order to actually beat Obama you have to be the exact opposite of Obama and actually stick to founding principles but Progressivism desires to erase our founding principles, period  It is clear, conservatives of independent and republicans and democrat along with  TEA Party activists are going to take this all the way to Tampa and into the general election if necessary!  You just cannot substitute a Progressive for a Marxist and think things will improve!  Thses are principles conservatives of all flavors will not budge on!


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