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Remembering Uncle Martin

January 16th, 2012

By Dr. Alveda C. King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was Pro-Life

If you would like to learn more aobut his stance on life, please visit MLK & Planned Parenthood Part 1 and MLK & Planned Parenthood Part 2.

In the midst of television, Skype, radio and print interviews this week leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the March for Life the week after, the media enjoys asking “what would Dr. King say about…?”

What would Dr. MLK say about Michelle Obama being an angry black woman? Uncle M. L. would pray for President Obama and First Lady Obama. I believe that because Uncle M. L. was a preacher, he would encourage the First Lady to “be angry and sin not.” Dr. MLK wanted people to love each other, not label and divide each other. As to being angry? Maybe Mrs. Obama should be angry about the high numbers of abortions in America especially due to the harm being done to Black women and Black babies by the abortion industry. Maybe as a mother she should be angry about the high rates of school drop outs. Maybe she should be angry about the high rates of women in the welfare system today. Maybe my saying this makes me an angry Black woman?

I believe Uncle M. L. would support personhood, life from conception until natural death. I believe he would be shocked about the high rates of abortion in the Black community, and about the money making abortion industry.

How about the Girl Scouts telling a girl she can’t wear a pro-life t-shirt in the office while she is off duty? Or telling mothers that they have no say in whether a boy can be a girl scout? Or promoting sexuality and working undercover with Planned Parenthood to promote a Happy, Healthy and Hot campaign. Actually, if you read Uncle M. L.’s Ebony Magazine Advice column, you can see that he would promote life and sexual purity today.

And what about the new Barbie doll campaign for breast cancer awareness? Uncle M. L. would want women to be whole and healthy of course. I just hope that Barbie doesn’t wear the Komen pink ribbon without including the information that abortion, artificial invasive birth control methods and breast cancer are linked. We want our women whole, healthy and happy, not happy, healthy and hot.

These are just a few “hot” issues leading up to what should be a very eventful first month of the new year. We will have a major election later in the year, and I truly believe that Uncle M. L. would encourage people to elect candidates who fear God and respect life.

Friends, in remembering my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this season, please pause to consider that he was a man of God, who feared the Lord and cherished His commandments. Like every human being, he was not perfect, but he served a perfect God. My uncle was pro-life. He was pro-family. He loved everyone.

God bless you!

Please take a moment to check out my Birthday Wish on behalf of the cause Pray to End Abortion.

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