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Would Senator Lindsey Graham send a letter to Stalin and ask him not to starve his own people? How about John McCain, would you write a letter to Hitler asking him questions on the deaths of missing Jews? ~Tamara Heater

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It is time for an aggressive impeachment process to begin for both Hillary and Obama
Media spin including FOX News, cannot seem to bring the SUBJECT BACK to the CRUX of the matter on Benghazi!  That is, that roughly 30 employees in Libya were sentenced to DEATH by denial of security by our own government through Clinton and Obama and was COVERED up in order to win re-election to PUSH an agenda!  It would have worked except for the valor of two Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods  who gave their lives in protecting all.  7 straight hours they fought and died.  It is as if the focus is on the person who changed the wording of the scripted response, most likely by ORDER from the same person who denied security is more valuable. EVERYONE now knows the coverup was for reelection and the push of agenda!   Valerie Jarrett and her “payback” sentiment are clearly a culprit as well in this idiotic display of ignorance by all involved!

“Payback” is certainly happening.  This administration has such a fascination with the inner workings of dictatorships that they visit them, cuddle up to them, bow to them, and assist in the installation of them such as Egypt!  Then our media give a complete pass to Clinton and Obama for the deaths of four Americans over the Obama administrations need to “create an illusion” that Al Qaeda was impotent when Egypt is an example of the Muslim Brotherhood raising of Al Qaeda and their push to use violence in order to gain power see to be working well for almost EVERY congressman!  Congress protests against Al Qaeda  when they killed 3 Thousand Americans in 2001, and now kiss their butts and accept them as legitimate power as they take over an entire country that was once and ally!  Good googly-moogly!

Now comes light that the same frantic requests for “better locations” and increased security  at the Kenyan and Rwanda embassy’s were also requested, and were called “nags”!  It just so happens that was under the Clinton administration which also employed Susan Rice.  Susan Rice had virtually the same speech on all the network circuit shows for the Kenyan bombing as she did for Benghazi.

Democrats including Clinton and Obama have long been known to gravitate to the extremists around the world, but to have only one or two congressman stepping up to the mic to deplore their activity is astounding!  The real fact of the matter that through Fort Hood, Fast and Furious, the leaks that killed members of our Navy Seals, and Benghazi, have all gone the same way because the media REFUSE to Freaking FOCUS on the DEATHS of our servicemen, and move focus to small details that mean literally NOTHING, so no one is held accountable!  Therefore, during the mess, undercover dictators rise under the confusion and chaos to get answers.

The US position statement on Morsi’s power grab was dis-ingenious…. totally!

The power grab by Morsi, above the rule of law was surprising! ~Hillary Clinton (queen of underhanded BS)

Really???? To Whom???  Looks like plans are going as envisioned for our depraved US leadership under Obama/Clinton!  Congratulations Congress, you shyness to say the word TREASON in relation to charges to IMPEACH, has directly led to this world-wide debauchery and Obama’s dreams are coming true!  The USA will be lowered in power to your standard banana republic directly due to the loss your backbone, and the media will continue to gloss over the details and festering will continue unabated!

Place a man in power, through a party known to coddle extremists,  who refuses to reveal his true identity and background to the world and this is what you get!  100% FAILURE!  Excellence is no longer expected of anyone and depravity rules!

Now “supposed” congressman, and talking heads like dip wad, Bill Kristol propose to give this freaking damned administration yet another trillion in taxes through wealth confiscation to re-distribute to world-wide extremists!  Isn’t it amazing the tax increase is exactly EQUAL to the amounts of cash available for investment?? 1 Trillion dollars!  A plan to confiscate it is now in the open without challenge!  Wow!  The number of millionaires diminishes from 400 down to 263 should give all those in the “hood” real hope, NOT!  … And they are scratching their heads wonder why??  No they are not!  Planned destruction is on schedule!  Goober logic reigns!

Degenerates are in control of US policy and even the previous righteous, now cave to a “let her burn” attitude!!Like Germany, Soviet Union, Rome, Greece, Italy France, …. oh the weak and leaders of debauchery!  We have people calling Ahmadinejad crazy???  Seems US policy makers are eager to fulfill scripture as he is!  Let all bring about the “last days” by giving in to evil, tyranny, debauchery, murder, corruption and coercion and conspiracy and let the world go to hell in a hand basket instead of remaining in control as we were told to do!  Revelations is a warning, not permission nor invitation to pile on with the corrupt and evil!  Surely the next move will be to start eliminating the cattle prod “build up and let down” psychological bearers of propaganda along with those sincerely fighting this bullshit!

Congress Get your collective heads out of the asses of the malcontents!

1.  This can be remedied tomorrow and they KNOW IT!  Impeach both Obama and Clinton! 

  • Who ignored and denied the Libyan Embassy security?  Obama and Clinton along with secret service protected Valerie Jared!  EVERYONE already knows this!
  • Who ordered our border guards to be armed with only beanbag projectiles to go up against AK-47 GIVEN to drug lords,  Obama and Clinton through service of Eric Holder and Janet Napalitano!  EVERYONE already knows this!
  • Who allowed the undercover Al Qaeda operative to advance the ranks with KNOWN contact and ties to the terrorists groups in order to murder 13 military men and women at Fort Hood?? Obama and Clinton through operatives in the DOD.  EVERYONE knows this!
  • Who was responsible for the leaks that led to the death of an entire arm of Navy Seals?  OBAMA!

2.Repeal Obamacare, CUT OUT bad debt !  Common sense lets you know that when you have securitized human beings, like all land and animals as well, SOMETHING UNGODLY IS COMING!

  • Now CUT it OUT!  Cutting the bad debt such as this, and imprisoning those who participated in this grotesque behavior must be done pronto.  The rest of the debauchery is on the other side of this dark curtain!

3.  END THE FED and return control of the US dollar to the people through the US Treasury via green-backs! 

  • Congress damn well KNOWS this is the only way to STOP the fiscal cliff and avoidance of angst from China and Japan and bond holders by making good on the “good debt”.  The only entity capable of doing that is the US TREASURY not the Federal Reserve!  Want to treat American citizens as inventory?  you will be the first inventory to be “cleared” through supposed “accidents” and assassinations like brown-shirts were!  Congratulations !  Here we go!!

4.  STOP the SPENDING and Separate Investment banking and retail commercial banking NOW via Glass Stegall post Obama Clinton Impeachment!  Tick-tock time is almost up, over and out!

  • Don’t want to have the hard discussion or contemplate the hard decisions … well then we will have another round of EXPLODING government entitlement sign ups right before they pull the plug on all of it for a starvation nation program!  That is the least of it!  Congress is to BLAME on active and passive participation!

5.  The best thing corporate and individuals can do is immediately invest in grass-roots small business to AVOID the wealth confiscation!

  • Somebody better start acting like they have the brain God gave them instead of a head full of rocks.  It is EASY to DEFEAT this Bullshit in total and completely by just doing the right thing and YOU KNOW it!  The American people have demanded Congress to impeach this administration and are willfully ignored by Congress.  It will be to congress’ peril FIRST!

It is time to file grand jury indictments on all public servants at the federal level, and for US to question the involvement of all,to start!

What the hell is the problem of woosy-congressman in charge??  Are you so down with Agenda 21 and death that your pockets have been lined so heavily, that you think you are untouchable?  Oh, I tell you the deaths that are piling up are as much on your plate as those actively promoting this chaos to achieve this despicable Agenda!  This is a cabal, but the USA has the remedy for it as well!

Yes that is exactly what it is all about!  Agenda 21!  From the very day that George HW Bush announced the Agenda 21 proposal, it has been nothing but an all out war of elites against elites to compete for power to this one world proposition!  It is deplorable, it is insane, it has created chaos, and is hell on earth!  EVERYONE who has held office for the past 30 years, and who holds office this very day is directly responsible!

What will this lead to??  Anyone with half a brain now knows that the USA in support of UN Agenda 21 Global Sustainable Development has put a HUGE target for bombing and invasion on the USA and rightfully so!  The US Government is the enemy of all who desire law and order!  Congratulations to a pathetically weak group of goobers who pave the way for Soviet-Nazi style propaganda and cattle prodding push to this Neanderthal plan!

Random selection of temporary voices that speak out against Obama are nothing more than empty rhetoric that are designed to rile up conservatives only to let them down by giving in to terror, and is a psychological defeat to push and shove!!  Lindsay Graham and John McCain come to mind… writing letters and asking questions of Obama are equal to asking Stalin why he starved his own people.  Maybe John McCain would have written a letter to Hitler asking him “please stop persecuting and killing Jews!  Please, please, please,…. Inept and despicable!

BACKBONE of US congressional members is jello and is yellow and deserving of expulsion and revocation of all benefit!  Democrats may be employing politically correct language but Republicans are missing words such as: CHARGES, IMPEACHMENT, TYRANNY, TREASON, REMOVAL and AGENDA 21.  Those even supporting this crap should be thrown in prison and charged with TREASON along with those who took active roles in the depravity and debauchery!!

Ambassador Stevens death is pulling back the curtain and cracking the code on a INTERNATIONAL national cabal (THE UN/US AL QAEDA) that is far more dark and ugly widespread than any Colombian or Mexican, or  Nicaraguan arms scandal could ever get!  It is cracking, but it is the American people who can make this the issue, NOT the fiscal cliff! If we resolve the corruption, we will completely avert the fiscal cliff!

UPDATE: Remember top down, bottom up, inside out !  Here comes the dark stuff…

BECK: Emails confirm/document OBAMA/Clinton/ Stevens commit TREASON! Benghazigate is covert-op to supply arms to Al Qaeda, Turkey, Syria & is still covering!

NYT: C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition
WASHINGTON — A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.
The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

Syria conflict: US and Russia hold surprise talks – as it happened

US and Russia discuss Syria

The US, Russia and the international envoy on Syria are to hold a surprise meeting on Syria, AP reports.

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and mediator Lakhdar Brahimi will gather in Dublin on the sidelines of a human rights conference, a senior US official said.

Ahead of the three-way meeting, Clinton and Lavrov met separately for about 25 minutes. They agreed to hear Brahimi out on a path forward, a senior US official said.

The gathering of the three key international figures suggests possible compromise in the offing. At the least, it confirms what officials describe as an easing of some of the acrimony that has raged between Moscow and Washington.

The threat of Syria’s government using some of its vast stockpiles of chemical weapons is also adding urgency to diplomatic efforts.

Could someone slap the shit out of Congress please??

Why is our government holding the Benghazi survivors and are they still alive??

This article will be continuously updated as information is fluid!


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