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Rick Warren says, he does not believe in the same God as Muslims.

I have posted an article regarding Orange County Register’s article suggesting Rick Warren believes that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God and that he agreed to not evangelize Muslims.  This story broke out on Feb 23rd. You read my earlier post to get the details of it: Rick Warren Agrees Not to Evangelize Muslims.  I wrote it after waiting to see if Rick Warren would clarify his position.

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Unfortunately, it took Mr. Warren a full week to finally clarify his position to the issue. He gave an interview to ablogger Ed Stetzer. You can read the interview titled: Rick Warren Interview on Muslims, Evangelism & Missions (Responding to Recent News Reports).

I am glad that Mr. Warren clarified his beliefs and position. He gave his reason for not responding right away that he does not answer to every article or newspaper report. Mr. Warren is not an ordinary pastor; he is a mega church pastor that has influenced hundreds of churches.

With the world of internet where news travels within minutes, it would be wise for him in the future to hire a public relations and media staff to deal with similar issues.  This has made the belief in God, the gospel, and Christianity a confusing issue.  Even an Islamic website picked up on this. This kind of news, Muslims use for their own agenda to show how Islam is tolerant and peaceful.

Points the finger at U.S. Christians

Regardless of the fact the Ed Stetzer asks questions like that of a three-year old, is beside the fact, but his childish question of Why do you think people who call themselves Christians sometimes say the most hateful things about Muslims?” is skewed to replacing the secular crowd with Christians.  I very well doubt most Christians are saying hateful things against Muslims, but rather they are defending the USA against POLITICAL ISLAM.    This after Oklahoma and Pennsylvania Judges just ruled in favor of that very insidious political intertwining of Islam into our laws.  Rick Warren might want to contact this author for a completely different prospective of why American laws need to be fiercely defended.  Ed needs to study the FACTS!

Rick seems to throw it back upon those of us who are Christians with a classic response when he responded…. “Well, some of those folks probably aren’t really Christians.”  Wonder why Rick Warren has little faith in his Christian brothers and sisters, nation wide to distinguish between the person (the Muslim) and the political system (Islam)?  Are we stupid??  Or maybe, is it because you doubt anyone outside of your MEGA church, as incapable of being as great of a christian as you??

This is a very poor response to his own CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters!  The Scripture makes it clear we are not to lie down as doormats for others to wipe their feet upon. Just because some do not like our laws, does not mean they get a bite at the activist court bench apple to change them.  Get in line.  An act of congress is supposed to be a mighty slow process to ensure natural law prevails, the very basis of our Constitution, a document authored by believer and non-believer.  These judges have NO business pandering to ruffians of any sect or religion, creed, culture, yet they have.  Particularly infuriating is when many Muslims have aligned themselves with the occupy movement to agitate their way, not into our society, because few if any assimilate into American life, but rather into our courts to push corrupt judges into political activism changing law at the bench. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and we cannot stand by while our laws are decimated and call it compassion.  Man cannot serve two masters, not of heart, mind or LAW!  Yet not once have I heard you, Rick, speak out against this matter with any compassion toward this CHRISTIAN nation of CHRISTIAN citizens!

Wake Up Rick Warren!  WAKE UP!



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Rick Warren Agrees Not to Evangelize Muslims

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