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Atlanta Court Holds Hearing on Obama Eligibility-Not Over YET!

by Harriet Baldwin ~ Atlanta Examiner

Atlanta, Georga.  The mainstream media has either ignored or mocked it for over four years.

The people involved in doing ANY background or vetting of Barack Obama have been called Birthers, crazies and worse.

But it seems that one Georgia Judge does not take the snub of a subpeona and court proceedings lightly.
Judge Michael Malihi
presided over the much awaited hearing regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility to be on the Georgia Presidential Ballot on January 26th, after the attorneys for Obama refused to participate and tried to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the matter.

Georgia Secretary of State Response to Obamas Request to Cancel Georgia Presidential Preference Primary Hea…

Georgia Sec of State Kemp backed the the Judge and responded with this sentiment to Obama attorney, Michael Jablonski: Michael Jablonski’s letter, telling the lawyer “…If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

The hearing, Blow by Blow:

When a judge honest enough to hear the case agrees, Obama chickens out.

Although attorneys for the defendents were not present, Malihi met with attorneys for the plaintiffs for about 20 minutes before the Court proceedings began.

Expert witnesses testifiy as to frasulent certificate, fradulent social security number.

Entered into evidence were some very interesting pieces of evidence that not only argued “The Natural Born Citizenship” matter, but a string of witnesses, including famous “birther attorney” Orly Taitz. Matters brought before the court included Obama’s birth certificate- and an expert who attested to the fact the the version presented to the public was a photo-shopped creation. Another witness testified that the Social Security number Obama is using failed the government’s own “E-Verify” check. That the number belonged to someone long dead and that it was issued out of the State of Connecticut. Strange, because Obama has never resided in Connecticut and at the time the number was issued, he was a resident of Hawaii.

Obama has many names and many social security numbers.

Other matters that were submitted into the evidence (after 4 long years of being thrown out of court for lack of standing and other reasons) included excepts of Obama’s own books and other documents supporting the fact that Barack Obama Senior was never a United States citizen. Also mentioned were multiple last names for Obama, various passports and information from the Hawaiian authorities in regard to the questionable “numbering” of the birth certficate, which did not coincide with other births that occured at the same time in the purported hospital.

What might all this mean for Georgia Democrats?

After all is said and done- there are a lot more quesions here than answers.

Judge Malihi will make some sort of decision on February 5th.

This could be a VERY bumpy ride- especially since Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and HIS posse are on the same trail. And have been threatened by the administration and the Department of Justice.

And to quote of of the people who was present on court, his question is: “Who the hell IS this guy?”


Stay tuned.

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