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Newt Slams Obama, Romney as “Managers of Decay”!

The NYT finally got something right, HE IS THE ANTI-OBAMA!

Nathan Schmid will caucus for the first time today. The 18-year-old Burnsville resident backed Rep. Michele Bachmann but went with Gingrich once the Minnesotan dropped out of the presidential race. “What we need right now is a conservative leader,” Schmid said. “Across the board, clearly he is the most conservative candidate.” ~ More on the NYT photo later…


ECONOMIC SUICIDE: Romney states he “will fully fund Obamacare”? Yea…

Mitt says, "I will make budgets cuts to fully fund ObamaCare!"

Bottom Line: For this reason, there must be “NO” Mitt Romney as POTUS. Newt Gingrich knows the in/outs of Washington, D.C.; he knows how to handle himself in the Big House — but in comparison, Romney would be a mild puppy-dog trapped in a Pit-Bull Pit. The Establishment would eat him alive in immense tenacity, and he would bow, doing whatever they want … but NOT Newt Gingrich. He will NOT be controlled by the Likes, and they know it! “Out with old business, in with new business — Bring in Newt!”
~ Tempy Maxwell


Shameful: Floridians had a problem recognizing and verifying TRUTH!

I'm thinking it is time for Newt to let the arrogance fly on Romney!

This is what Republican Floridians were jumping and screaming with exuberance over??? ” He went on to say “Compared to Gingrich’s gutsy blueprint, Romney’s exhibits the caution that has made the former Massachusetts governor the “oh, well, if we must” choice, even among his supporters. ” but it looked to me like people were slobbering to nominate Romney! ~ Tamara Heater



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